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The Best Villa Park Pool Remodeling and Plastering Services

Villa Park Pool Remodeling and Plastering

Known for its rustic houses, warm rural ambiance, and nostalgic quietude, the City of Villa Park makes for the perfect place to build a home to raise a family. Because the city offers very little in terms of parks and recreation, it’s common for houses in the City of Villa Park to have patio furniture, tennis courts, and of course, pools. Its urban areas are lined with trees, flowers, and other forms of greenery planted in its medians and parkways which makes the city look like it belongs in a book. And to keep their pools in picturesque condition, they call on Villa Parks’ best. We, at Central OC Pools, provide professional quality swimming pool solutions through our Villa Park Pool Services.

We offer everything from pool maintenance, pool repairs, to pool remodel, we do everything that’s pool related. Contact Central OC Pools today and find out how our top-notch pool services can help you with your Villa Park pool.

Villa Park, California

The City of Villa Park has a lot to offer. Apart from its scenic charm, the city is blessed with a beautiful climate all-year-round. This not only makes owning a pool a must but it also lets extended pool seasons possible. That’s why homeowners and residents in Villa Park invest in their pools. Not only does investing in their pools allow its locals to have the means to relax at the comfort of their own but also to increase the value of their properties. It’s not uncommon to see luxurious pools in the city of Villa Park. Central OC Pools offer the best pool maintenance services for pools that require professional-level care and attention. Our Villa Park Pool Cleaning solutions is one of the most comprehensive pool cleaning services in the industry. We take care of your pool like it’s ours.

We’re experts in various pool types, from in-ground concrete pools lined with traditional pool plaster, to up-scale ones that use pool pebble and pool tile, our maintenance services are designed to keep them all in good condition. However, if your pool needs more than just the usual maintenance solution, our Villa Park Pool Plastering and Villa Park Pool Remodeling can help you renovate your backyard pool. Our pool resurfacing and remodeling services cover everything from the pool interior to your pool coping and your pool decking. With Central OC Pools, we can turn your dream pool into a reality. Our latest Orange Park Acres Pool Remodeling project shows exactly how we can turn your backyard into a resort.

As pool professionals, we believe that your pool interior is one of the most important parts of your swimming pool. Your pool interior contributes not only to how good your pool looks but how well it lasts. We’ve been working on various swimming pools for almost two decades now and we know how important it is to keep your pool interior in good condition. Pool plaster is our expertise, it’s been at the heart of our services helping pool owners in Villa Park address a variety of pool issues. Here’s why Central OC Pools is in the top of the pool plaster industry and why a lot of homeowners trust us with their pools.

1. Proper Pool Draining

Although this step may look simple and straightforward, draining the pool is one of the crucial phases in any pool plaster project. Done the right way, draining your pool will take only around a day. However, if it’s done incorrectly, it may spell disaster. Especially for an in-ground concrete pool, the water should be drained away from the pool. We, at Central OC Pools, usually drain the water out to the streets unless you want it directed to a lawn or towards other landscaped areas in your property. That’s because the pressure and excessive groundwater can push the concrete pool and cause it to float or pop out. That’s why it’s important to have experienced pool professionals drain your pool. It can be the difference between a smooth project and additional expenses. Here, at Central OC Pools, we use tried and tested methods to ensure that each phase of replastering your pool is done properly, beginning with draining the pool.

Villa Park pool draining

2. Chip Out or Hydroblast Method

We, at Central OC Pools, use two primary methods of removing the old plaster or the old interior finish on your pool. After draining the pool, the next step is to remove the old plaster and Central OC Pools use two of the most effective methods in removing the old pool interior.

We use either the chip out method and the hydroblast method depending on what your pool requires. Basically, the chip out method involves the use of power tools like jackhammers and basic hand tools like chisels and hammers. On the other hand, the hydroblast method uses pneumatic tools to scrape off the old pool finish. Call it old fashioned but the chip out method removes most of the old plaster and allows the more of the concrete below to be exposed. It may take longer and can make the undertaking a bit louder, but the chip out method allows us to get in deeper especially when addressing structural damages in the pool. The hydroblast method is faster and produces less noise and is used especially for pools that require only just the right amount of plaster to be removed.

Villa Park chip out method

Depending on what your pool needs, we will use either the chip out or the hydroblast method. What’s good about it is that both methods are offered at the same price. This means that the level of workmanship does not depend on what type of method is used. We, at Central OC Pools provide the same level of competence and proficiency in every pool plaster project we complete.

3. All Kinds of Plaster

We’re the home of the best pool plaster service in the Villa Park area. That said, we provide various kinds of pool plaster and pool plaster services to cater to all your needs. We specialize in pool plaster, both in white plaster and colored plaster. White pool plaster may be susceptible to stains and smears overtime, but it offers benefits and advantages that make it the best choice for most pool owners. First, white plaster brings the best character in your pool water. It radiates the cleanliness and clarity which makes the pool more inviting. Next, it makes things easy to see underwater allowing you to spot damages and issues on the pool and allowing you to address it sooner rather than later. We also install colored pool plaster which is more resistant to staining and boasts the same level of reliability and durability like its white counterpart. The good thing about plaster is its affordability. Under ideal conditions, your plaster will last you for seven years making it a practical choice given its price. Central OC Pools also offer pool resurfacing with the option of using either pool pebble or pool tile instead of plaster. Regardless of your material of choice, you can be sure that Central OC Pools will deliver.

We’re the best pool service providers in the City of Villa Park, we do all kinds of services aside from pool plaster. Contact us today and find out how we can help you renovate and remodel your Villa Park Pool.

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