Tustin Pool Remodeling and Plastering

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The Best Tustin Pool Remodeling and Plastering Services

Tustin Pool Remodeling and Plastering

Known for its Mediterranean climate, the City of Tustin makes for a perfect spot for a picturesque pool. Swimming pool remodeling makes all the difference in Tustin; you can choose to give it a proper Mediterranean makeover or go for a unique design that gives your pool character and make it your own outdoor living space. Moreover, Tustin’s hot and warm weather can spell disaster for poorly maintained and inadequately designed pool plumbing and equipment. Hot and dry summers create the perfect environment for algae growth while wet and warm winters can mess up your pool’s chlorine and pH levels. Here at Central OC Pools, we provide professional services; from pool plastering to periodic maintenance and repair, we’ve got you and your pool covered.

Tustin, California

The city of Tustin’s mountainous northern region offers the perfect backdrop for relaxation while its neighboring towns provide the convenience of city living. Both its landscape and its climate make it the perfect destination spot and an ideal place to live in.

Its year-long dry, subtropical climate makes owning a pool a must. A leisurely lounge at your pool deck lets you cool down from the heat of Tustin’s summers while providing you with a personal oasis for entertaining guests or for an occasional dip in Tustin’s warm winters.

Like our Santa Ana Pool Remodeling and Pool Plastering services, the city of Tustin’s climate is almost the same as Santa Ana’s hot semi-arid climate with summers that are hot and dry and mild winters.

Having said that, pool maintenance and pool cleaning are an essential part of keeping your place of serenity in its utmost shape. That’s why local residents who own pools make it a point to invest in pool remodel costs to keep their personal piscinas maintained to perfection.

Enjoying Tustin is easy. However, you’d find that after a long day, the best way to relax is to soak in the spiffing waters of your own pool.

A Proper Tustin Pool

Nobody knows Tustin pools like we do. That’s why we’re in this business.

Home to great outdoor activities and luscious green parks, Tustin pools are often draped with viridescent overlays that give the warm

Tustin weather a refreshing, cool vibe. Mediterranean patios are a common sight to these pools where friends and family find shade under the warm cascading rays of the summer sun. An outdoor living paradise makes every day a vacation. Expansive kitchens line bright backyard pools with rustic furniture to match.

We transform layouts into reality. From what you and your guests see, to how your pool equipment operates, that’s how extensive our services go.

The pools in Tustin take inspiration from a potpourri of architectural design found in most countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea. Ornate design elements like textiles with intricate designs as well as hanging tapestries that drape along the walls of high-ceiling rooms create the perfect ambiance and atmosphere for your backyard pool.

Little do you know; your own Tustin backyard holds vast design potential and we at Central OC Pools will help you uncover what paradise your own backyard could be. You can trust our specialists to help your space transform from an empty lot to your own aquatic nirvana.
If you want to give your pool the proper Tustin treatment, we’re the people you call.

When to Call Us?

Central OC Pools is just an email and a phone call away.

You can consult us if you’re planning to build your backyard pool, or if you’re looking to remodel and restore an old pool to its former glory.

We also strongly suggest getting in touch with us if you suspect algae growth in your pool.

Let’s start working on your pool today!

Central OC Pools Services

We at Central OC Pools pride ourselves in developing strong business relationships with our clients.

Here is the list of services we provide to maintain your pool and keep it as good as new amidst Tustin’s Mediterranean weather.

1. Weekly Pool Maintenance

We start by checking the pH levels of your pool. We examine and inspect the water’s chemical balance and ensure that it’s ideal for the Tustin climate – all these to make sure the water’s safe before you take a dip. Then we do a chlorine test to ensure your water is sanitary and safe. We also make adjustments to your conditioner, calcium and alkalinity levels throughout the year. Apart from making necessary adjustments to treat the water, we also check the overall integrity of the infrastructure. Good water is no-use if the pool or equipment is no-good.

Tustin Pool Repair

Here’s what you’re to expect from our weekly cleaning services:

  • Cleaning of skimmers
  • Emptying of pump baskets.
  • Brushing of pool wall
  • Pool and spa light maintenance
  • Checking of pool equipment
  • Weekly water test

2. Specialized Pool Services

No two pools are the same. That’s why we offer specialized services to pools that need special care. Different factors like weather and climate may affect how meticulous maintenance can be. On top of our regular pool servicing, we provide tailor-fit Tustin pool services.

Tustin Pool Repair

Here’s what you’ll get when you sign up for Central OC Pools’ specialized maintenance:

  • Pump servicing.
  • Heater repair.
  • Filter maintenance.
  • Pool automation system installation.
  • Pool infrastructure construction.
  • Pool salt systems.
  • Adjustable speed pumps.

What We’re Known For

1. Pool Remodeling Services

Because even pools need face-lifts.

We spruce up pools and give them a brand-new look. We let you decide on what’s best for you and your private hideout and provide you with detailed drafts of your design. We make sure that your home just outside your home is as good and as perfect as you imagined it to be.

Tustin Pool Remodeling

We talk you through all the options and process and can even give you an instant quote. We’re here to provide you with viable professional service at a fair price without having to sacrifice the quality of the final product. We look at pools as an extension of our client’s homes, and we won’t settle for anything less than perfect.

We’ll handle the project from start to finish:

  • Design and Outline
  • Permits
  • Layout and Trenching
  • Steel Framework
  • Pool Plumbing
  • Cement Application
  • Tile Application
  • Decking
  • Plaster Application
  • Pool Start-Up

Nevertheless, putting your own ideas into remodeling your pool is highly encouraged. We’re definitely in it for collaborating new designs and engineering new layouts to make your dream pool come true. It’s our passion, it’s what we do.

2. Pool Plastering

Leave all the work to us, our systematic approach to pool plastering leaves no room for error. Our pool plastering process may be no different from others. But our meticulous attention to detail and our impeccable work ethic separates us from the rest.

Tustin Pool Plaster

Because every project is different, we make sure that every step and action we take counts.

We take every step seriously, from draining, refilling, and everything in between, you can trust Central OC Pools for high-quality Tustin pool plastering. Using time-tested practices combined with new and advanced technology, we can make your inspiration come to life.

Pool plastering is important to us, and we want it to last for years and truly increase the value of your home. It’s the protective and cosmetic skin that defines the beauty and coherence of your aquatic sanctuary – it’s our company’s signature, it’s the mark we leave behind.

Professional Pool Maintenance

Rated 5 out of 5
August 10, 2020

While you certainly can do it yourself, having your pool maintained by a professional makes a lot of difference. Michael and the guys at Central OC Pools provide expert pool cleaning and specialized maintenance services and they live up to what they say they will do.

Moreover, what I really loved when doing business with them is that they’re not too pushy. You know when you ask for a company for a particular service and they bring up a bunch of services to get you to get them to do more and for you to pay more? Mike’s not like that. He lets you decide what’s best for you while still guiding you every step of the way. The way they do business, in my humble opinion, is what gets customers to come back, apart from the quality of cleaning and maintenance they offer.

They are very knowledgeable at what they do and I’m glad a friend asked me to contact them.

Goldie T.

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