Owning a pool in Orange County is a must, not only is its climate built for pool season but the entire culture in Orange County is centered around having fun under the sun. That said, it’s not uncommon for homeowners to hire professionals to service their Orange County pools. Pool professionals, like us at Central OC Pools, provide homeowners with the best services to help them maintain or upgrade their private piscinas.

Here are a few reasons why you should also consider hiring a professional to help you with your pool.

1. Water Balance and Chemistry

Apart from basic maintenance, your pool’s water needs to be monitored throughout the pool season. Experienced pool owners know that water balance and chemistry is important, as it can help prevent a slew of issues that could potentially cost you in the future. These include hard to remove stains, pool equipment corrosion, and even algae development. It’s important to hire a pro to help manage your pool’s water chemistry as they have a better understanding of your pool water and the factors that affect its balance. They will also have better access to the chemicals needed to adjust your pool water’s balance. So, investing in an occasional appointment with your local pool guy can help keep your pool pristine.

2. Fast and Efficient

While no one’s stopping you from taking a DIY approach into maintaining your pool, doing something you’re not accustomed to will take some getting used to. What a professional does in a few minutes can take you several hours trying to figure out how to go about doing it. Plus, there’s more to pool maintenance than meets the eye. Brushing the pool walls and the pool floor a certain way can help make the job faster, if not easier. Likewise, a trained eye can easily spot areas in your pool where repair will be potentially needed. Years of servicing countless Orange County pools have taught these professionals techniques and methodologies on how to be better at what they do.

On the same note, remodeling and resurfacing your pool takes skills and know-how that can make the undertaking fast and efficient. You don’t want to be making an expensive mistake so what better way to maintain and renovate your pool than to let the professionals take care of business.

3. Professional Advice

In some cases, pool professionals will share pieces of knowledge that can help you maintain your pool. They’ll leave you bits of advice, like quick remedies for pool stains or how to help keep your pool pump at its optimum condition. As we’ve briefly covered above, pool professionals have years of experience under their belts and who better to give you advice than the people who practice their craft daily.

4. Peace of Mind

Lastly, one of the best reasons why you should get professional pool service is knowing that an experienced and licensed pool guy worked on your pool. Pool season is short as it is, so why bother worrying about your pool. You don’t have to brood over how you’ve rushed cleaning your pool or how unsure you are of the amount of chemicals you’ve added in the water. You’ll only end up stressed instead of enjoying your Orange County Pool.

Get Started with Central OC Pools

Here at Central OC Pools, we offer some of the best pool services to help you maintain and even give your pool the face-lift it deserves. We see the potential in every backyard and can help you keep your pool clean with our weekly cleaning and specialized maintenance services or give your pool an update through our pool resurfacing and pool remodeling solutions.

Our Cleaning Services

We offer weekly cleaning services which includes skimming your pool water’s surface of floating dirt and debris, emptying your skimmer baskets, and brushing the pool’s walls and floor as well as the steps and the waterline tiles. This is followed by vacuuming the pool’s floor as soon as the dust settles. We’ll also check and inspect your pool equipment for proper operation and review the integrity of your swimming pool, your coping, and your deck. We’ll finish the service by testing the pool water and making the necessary adjustments.

We also have specialized maintenance systems for Orange County pools that need more than the usual love. These include the installation of automated swimming pool systems, installation and repair of different kinds of swimming pool heater, and installation and repair of single-speed and variable-speed swimming pool pumps. We also clean cartridge filters, DE filters, sand filters, you name it. We’re also the guys to call if you want to convert your traditional chlorinated pool into a saltwater pool.

Our Pool Remodeling Services

Central OC Pools is also known for its top-tier pool remodeling services. We’re experienced in using a wide variety of materials for your pool interior from pool plaster, pool pebble, and pool tiles. Likewise, we can also help remodel your pool deck using a slew of pool decking materials like pavers, colored concrete, stamped concrete, and natural stones. We can also match your coping to give your pool a cohesive look.

Our goal is to give you high-quality pool remodeling services that can have you enjoying your newly remodeled pool for years to come. Additionally, we offer a visual rendering of your swimming pool so you’d know exactly what your pool will look like when we’re finished. Don’t worry, we’ll also help you with the paperworks necessary for applying permits.

Five-Star Service

Here at Central OC Pools, we make sure that we give our best in every project we take on. We take pride in our five-star rating in different business directories, like Yelp. We’re backed by a team of professionals who are licensed, insured, and bonded, and with years of practical experience under their belts. Our team is dedicated to giving the best service on the market and we’re truly passionate about what we do.

So, if you’re looking for the best service for your Orange County pool, trust only Central OC Pools.