Santa Ana Pool Remodeling and Plastering

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The Best Santa Ana Pool Remodeling and Plastering Services

Santa Ana Pool Remodeling and Plastering

Located in the heart of Orange County, Santa Ana is known as one of the most populated cities in California. Its prime location makes it the best spot for sophisticated pool parties and Instagram-worthy aquatic escapes from the hustle and bustle of the city districts. Having said that, proper swimming pool remodeling is necessary for keeping your pool looking updated and at their very best. Santa Ana boasts a hot semi-arid climate, ideal for those who enjoy the warm and pleasant sun all year long. This location offers bright and sunny mornings as well as mellow and comfy afternoons. The design and the architecture of pools in this location vary, allowing you to put your own twist when remodeling and redesigning your lifestyle lagoon.

If you’re looking for professional-quality pool maintenance and services like pool plastering – we at Central OC Pools, are the ones to call.

Santa Ana, California

Surrounded by residential houses and commercial establishments, the city of Santa Ana has a lot to offer.

It has become a major hub for economic growth attracting more businesses thus increasing the city’s population. Because of the vast number of people visiting and eventually finding a place to stay in Santa Ana, having a professionally designed backyard pool to entertain friends and family or simply to have a serene and peaceful place to wade and dip in is an essential in every home. This city isn’t just a place where people visit, many of those who live here spend their days working. That’s why turning your backyard into a pool or spa gives your Santa Ana life the perfect marriage between business and pleasure – let’s turn every day into a vacation.

Many of Santa Ana’s residents dedicate their time for pool remodeling and allocate budgets for pool remodel costs. That’s because pool maintenance has something more to do than just making your personal oasis look indulgently inviting.

We know Santa Ana pools better than anyone else. Having to frequently entertain guests requires more than the usual pool maintenance. That’s why Central OC Pools offer weekly pool cleaning services.

Why A Weekly Pool Service?

Cleaning your pools may look like a simple and easy task. However, there are several other factors that must be considered in maintaining your pool.

Let’s begin with water.

Pool water requires constant cleaning, especially in the climate that Santa Ana has to offer where the warm weather can create the ideal environment for algae development. Water left untreated for more than seven days becomes unstable. Chemicals in the water, as well as prolonged and inconsistent cleaning, will make your pool water unpleasant to swim in.

Santa Ana Pool Remodeling and Plastering

That’s why regular pool servicing plays an important role in keeping the water and the actual pool infrastructure in its ideal condition.

Your pool water can be treated in many ways, one of which is through proper water circulation. By helping pool water push through the filtration process, your pool pumps play a major role in keeping your water pools clean and safe. Part of our specialized Santa Ana Pool Cleaning maintenance service is to maintain adequate serviceability of your pool pumps. Keeping your pool pumps in its ideal working condition helps prevent other issues like the improper amount of chlorination that will affect the overall quality of your pool water while allowing the pool water to circulate enough to eliminate debris and dirt. We take care of the pool pumps so it can take good care of your water.

Speaking of which…

Santa Ana’s warm climate also allows for more dirt and debris to make its way into your pool. During its summer months, pools in this location are more likely to accumulate leaves, bugs, and sticks. The same can be said during the late months of the year for which the Santa Ana Winds may bring more dirt and debris into your pool. These winds not only bring hot and dry weather but can also throw in more than the usual odds and ends. This can be removed by professionally filtering the pool water and skimming the pool surface – that’s something we cover through our weekly Santa Ana Pool Services.

Maintaining pool water is important, however, maintaining the actual infrastructure is also tantamount to maintaining what’s in it. That said, something else you should consider is the actual pool. This includes the deck, the tiles, the walls, the steps – almost everything that was designed to catch your eyes.

Santa Ana Pool Remodeling and Plastering

Keeping the pool deck clean is as important as maintaining the overall integrity of your pool water. Think about it, all that’s on top of your deck gets blown into your pools making it even harder to pick it up and dump it in the bin. Keeping your pool deck clean is a key element to keeping the water in the pool clean. Moreover, the walls that line the pool itself and the steps that serve as the entryway to the waters can also accumulate unwanted buildups. It’s best to trust your tile walls and tile steps in the hands of a skilled professional. Our weekly cleaning services also cover the brushing of pool walls and pool steps to ensure that they’re rid of molds and mildew that can affect and contaminate your pool water.

We take weekly cleaning services seriously. That’s why we take the time to provide tailor-fit solutions for each pool. We also consider the factors unique to each location to ensure all pools are properly cared for; just check our Costa Mesa Pool Remodeling and Costa Mesa Pool Plastering services and find out.

Talk to us and we’ll discuss all your options even before we talk about getting a quote.

Sprucing Up Your Santa Ana Pool

Maintaining cleanliness and an overall sanitary pool condition is one thing, sprucing up your pool is another. While, we’re known for making sure that each pool we work on is clean and safe to dive in, we’re also known for being advocates of giving your pool the bells and whistles it deserves.

Pool renovations are something we’re passionate about. Our Santa Ana pool replastering services ensure that you’ve nothing to worry about from start to finish because we know how stressful remodeling builds are. Like how we approach pool maintenance and pool cleaning, we like taking a more personalized approach to sprucing up your pools – and dealing with local permits. We play around with aesthetics and help you find and decide the best layout for your pool. Don’t worry we’ll work together throughout the whole process.

We know that the right tile and coping as well as proper decking are vital to these builds. That’s why our team of professional designers will help you pick up the ideal design for your tile; from ceramics, slates, and natural stone tiles. Intricate design via mosaics is something we also offer. Once we’ve laid out your tile of choice, we’ll line it with a pool coping that perfectly matches or accentuates the overall aesthetic impact of the tile allowing it to pop out from its watery canvas.

Because your private pool should be a lasting work of art, you can opt for a better finish using Pebble Tec. Although it may be more expensive, it will look better and will last longer.

We’ll make sure that it’s both pleasing to the eye and to the touch. Here at Central OC Pools, we’ll help you make your Santa Ana Pool dream come true.

Exceeded My Expectations

Rated 5 out of 5
April 20, 2020

I’ll start by saying that pool remodeling is no joke. I contacted Mike after reading all his positive reviews online. My wife and I already knew that our pool needed remodeling and we wanted a contractor that can help us achieve the look that we want and he seemed to fit the bill.

We were lucky because Mike knew exactly what he was doing. He did not only help us select the best materials for our pool but he also offered a virtual reality rendering of our pool at a nominal cost. Needless to say, I was stunned to see how my backyard would look like after the undertaking and boy was I excited.

They were also keen in letting us know what’s involved in every step. And because Mike knew we have a baby in the house, he even cared to set our expectations about how loud chipping out the old interior is. He also helped us remodel the deck to match our pool. We are really happy with how our pool turned out all thanks to Central OC Pools.

Travis M. Hernandez

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