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Monthly Service Pricing

Offering a fair price to our pool service customers is one of our top priorities. As all swimming pools are different, prices do vary slightly. However, to keep things simple, our average monthly maintenance fee is $125, which includes the cost of chlorine and muriatic acid. To better understand our pricing structure, below you’ll see some key factors that influence the monthly service fee.

We proudly serve people in Orange County offering a Risk Free Trial and bill at the end of the month – no weekly service contract. We truly earn your trust every week!

Factors that influence cleaning time

  • The size of the pool
  • The intricacy of the shape of the pool
  • The amount and type of foliage that falls into the pool
  • The condition and type of equipment

Factors that influence the cost of chemicals

  • The volume of water the pool contains
  • If the pool is heated throughout the winter
  • How many and how often people swim in the pool
  • The material the pool is constructed with (plaster, vinyl, fiberglass)
  • The quantity and type of foliage that falls into the pool

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