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Central Orange County Pools can help you with any replaster or resurfacing projects in the area. Every project is different, so please keep in mind that this schedule may vary a little when we go over your personal timeline during our consultation.

Drain the Pool

The first step in the swimming pool replastering process is completely draining your pool, which generally takes around a day. You don’t have to be home during this time as long as we can access your backyard. We typically drain water out to the street unless you prefer it to be directed to a lawn or other landscaped area in your yard.

Chip Out Plaster

Once your pool is empty, our team will thoroughly prepare your pool for new plaster by chipping off the existing surface, and removing the tile based on the resurfacing design you’ve chosen for your pool. To do this, our team uses jackhammers and pneumatic tools. During this process, we will do our best to cover and protect your backyard area. In order to best guarantee that your property is 100% safe and clean, we would suggest moving any patio furniture and potted plants to another area. After the plaster is removed, all of the construction debris is cleaned up and hauled away by us. The plaster chip out process can be completed as soon as the day following the draining.

Tile Work

After all of your old material has been removed, our tile and masonry specialists will install any new tile, coping, or decorative features that you’ve selected during the design phase. This is usually done on the third day of work, and at this point, we’ll want to finalize all of the design details for the pool with you. You will need to select grout color and tile color/size, and provide us with any special design requests, including mosaics, lights, water features, and pebble.

Applying The New Surface

After double checking the integrity of the seals of your plumbing as part of our final pre-plaster inspection, our team will return for pool replastering with your chosen surface material, which usually takes about a day or two. Once the swimming pool replastering material has been fully applied, your pool can be refilled with water from a hose.

Refill and Start-Up

Refill times will vary according to the size of your pool. Once your swimming pool is filled, the final step in the resurfacing process can begin, which is a service known as a start-up. This involves adding and balancing all of the chemicals and allowing the new surface to cure properly.

Some of the steps included in the start-up are:

  • Testing the new water for pH, alkalinity, calcium hardness, and metals.
  • Brushing the entire pool surface thoroughly twice a day in order to remove all remaining plaster dust.
  • Running your filter continuously for a minimum of 72 hours.

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