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Orange Pool Remodeling

Old homes have a certain allure. A glorified shed rich in memories with each brick and wood having a story to tell. Known as “A Slice of Old Town Charm,” the City of Orange seeps in culture and old structures. The City of Orange offers classy villas surrounded by lush vegetation and residential areas in thriving neighborhoods. These homes often come with pools that are likewise elegant and sophisticated. We’re proud to service the City of Orange and we’re proud to be the best pool professionals in the area. We provide the best Orange Pool Plastering solutions for pools that have worn out and damaged interior.

Central OC Pools offers pool plaster solutions of all kinds. We also do pool resurfacing with the option of installing pool tile and pool pebble for your interior. We’re the go-to for all things related to pool plaster – we’re Central OC Pools.

Orange, California

The City of Orange is known for its preserved heritage homes. Although many of the houses in this area share the same vibe and feel, it’s not an excuse to leave their pools in an old and dilapidated state. Residents and pool owners in Orange see to it that they sign up for pool maintenance services to keep their pools in good condition. Pools in Orange may look old but they’re well maintained.

Guess who they look to for the best pool services?

That’s right. Our Orange Pool Cleaning services provide the majority of Orange City’s homeowners with comprehensive solutions to keep their private pools pristine. We clean the pool water, check the pool’s overall structural integrity, and balance the chemistry of the pool water to help keep their pools sanitized and safe. For those wanting to update their backyards, our Orange Pool Remodeling services is the foremost remodeling service for Orange’s pools. Nobody knows pool remodeling like we do. In fact, we help homeowners with various designs and layouts, from a cohesive modern classic look to standout backyard resorts, we make pool magic happen. Our Orange Pool Services is absolute. We do everything from weekly cleaning pool services to remodeling pool coping and pool decking – you name it, we do it. That’s why we’re number one in Orange as well as in other neighboring cities, just ask our Villa Park Pool Plaster customers.

Orange best pool service

Although we provide stellar pool services like pool remodel, we do specialize in pool plaster services. Central OC Pools provide professional quality pool plaster solutions with the option of using various pool interiors to match your specific needs. If you’re living in the City of Orange and you’re wondering if your pool needs a new plaster, here are a few tell-tale signs.

  • Peeling or flaking of plaster
  • Visible, hard to remove stains on the pool’s surface
  • Hairline cracks
  • Noticeable plaster discoloration
  • Rust stain
  • Noticeable roughness
  • Exposure of concrete

If you think your pool might be experiencing any of these signs, it might be a good idea to contact a pool professional for advice. We, at Central OC Pools, are backed by a crew that is experienced and with trained eyes for spotting and detecting pool damage that can be addressed by replastering your pool. If you’re interested to know more about our pool plaster services and relative solutions, check out what we have in store for you below.

1. Detailed Pool Plan

We, at Central OC Pools, believe that every good project needs a good plan. That’s why we take planning seriously. Here are some of the things that we take into consideration:

  • Draining the pool
  • Chipping out the plaster
  • Laying down the pool tiles
  • Application of pool plaster/pool pebble
  • Refilling the pool/startup

Planning the entirety of the actual undertaking keeps everyone in sync and promotes a smoother job transition. The time it takes to complete a pool plaster project usually depends on how big the pool is and how much work is required. However, the average pool plaster project takes about one week. It’s not one week’s worth of work, it’s several phases distributed over a week. This may include anything from ordering and procurement of materials to the application of the pool plaster.

During these phases, we’ll make sure to keep you updated. It’s our goal as pool professionals to earn your trust every step of the way.

2. Expert Professionals

The crew who will work on replastering your pool are professionals. They have been plastering various kinds of swimming pools and know just exactly what it takes to make sure that your pool plaster stays beautiful as it is durable. They know just exactly how to carry out each step from draining the pool of its water to refilling it and starting it up.

Likewise, your old plaster will be removed using either the chip out method or the hydroblast method. Depending on what your pool requires, our experienced crew will either remove the old plaster using power tools like jackhammers or power washers. The pool plaster will be applied using pneumatic tools to achieve an even layer of pool plaster. Sprayed starting from the pool walls down to the floors, the pool plaster is then finished by troweling. It compresses the plaster mixture to achieve better adhesion allowing the newly installed to set in evenly and have a better overall structural integrity. Our crew can help you get better results with very little to no issues at all because we know that pool plaster projects aren’t cheap – and nobody ever wants to make an expensive mistake. They are bonded, licensed, and insured so you know the level of workmanship they are capable of.

3. We Offer a Variety of Pool Plasters

Central OC Pools does pool plaster like nobody else. That’s because apart from the traditional white plaster, we’re also experts in other pool interior finishes like colored pool plaster, pool pebble, and pool tiles. Although we’re a big fan of white plaster because it creates a clean look and makes your pool water look more inviting, colored plaster and other pool interior options offer better resistance to stains and smears. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a more durable finish with a more natural appeal, pool pebbles are a good choice. Mini pebble is a good option since it allows you to get the benefits of using pool pebble but still enjoy a smooth finish – the kind that won’t hurt your feet. Lastly, for the ultimate display of opulence and elegance, pool tiles are the usual go-to.

Each of these materials has varying advantages and also differ in price. We almost exclusively use only products from NPT. They offer then same aesthetic appeal and durability as more expensive products like PebbleTec, all without breaking the bank. That’s why it’s our material of choice. The combination of impeccable workmanship and high-quality materials make for the perfect recipe for a stunning pool plaster project.

We, at Central OC Pools, take pride in every project we do. We make sure that our services are top-notch as it’s our goal as a company to deliver the best possible service for your pools. Our work says a lot about who we are and because of our dedication to what we do, making our customers happy comes naturally. For the best pool plaster services, contact Central OC Pools.

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