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The Best Huntington Pool Remodeling and Plastering Services

Huntington Pool Remodeling and Pool Plastering Services

Known as the “Surf City,” Huntington Beach is a famous seaside city situated in Orange County. Famous for its 9.5-mile stretch of sandy beach, Huntington has a lot to offer in terms of fun and activities. On that note, it’s one of the most populous cities in Los Angeles drawing tourists and would-be residents thanks to its famous ocean waves. While Huntington’s beaches offer roaring waves, its pools provide its residents and homeowners calm and tranquility. For pool services in Huntington, trust only Central OC Pools. We offer professional quality Huntington Pool Services including pool plaster, pool resurfacing, and even pool maintenance. We provide solutions to pool owners in the City of Huntington from basic repairs and renovations to flipping their pools and giving it the total makeover.

We’re experts in pool rehabilitation and can help bring old and dilapidated pools back to life with our Huntington Pool Plastering and Huntington Pool Remodeling services. Trust only in Huntington’s finest, trust in Central OC Pools.

Huntington Beach, California

Huntington is a great place to live in with laid-back beach culture. Although its long and endless beaches make for a fine attraction, Huntington is also famous for its festive annual events. From week-long surfing competitions to car shows, and boat tours, the City of Huntington draws all kinds of tourists. And when the beaches are filled with people, its residents rely on their trusted backyard pools to soak up when the beach gets too crowded. That said, pools in Huntington can be considered as a must, and locals often see it as more than an investment. That’s why they spend time and money maintaining and remodeling their backyard pools. We, at Central OC Pools, offer the best pool remodel and pool maintenance services in the Huntington area. Our pool renovation services are designed to help pool owners give old backyard pools a new lease in life through resurfacing and the application of a new pool interior.

Huntington pool remodeling

We offer resurfacing solutions with the option of using pool tile or pool pebble as the pool’s interior finish. As pool professionals, we know the importance of your pool’s interior finish. It separates the water and the concrete below and creates an air-tight barrier to keep your pool water where it should be. Nevertheless, over time, your pool interior weakens either because of the lack of proper pool maintenance or by pool water chemistry. This is where our pool services come in handy. We offer the best Huntington Pool Cleaning services to help maintain your backyard pool in good condition and if the usual cleaning won’t do, you can sign up for our pool resurfacing solutions to help renovate your private pond. We help remodel the pool interior and even the immediate surrounding area like the pool coping and the pool decking.

Trust that we will give your Huntington pools the same level of care and attention the same way we do pools in other locations, like our Orange Pool Services. If you’re interested to know more about how our resurfacing solutions can help you with your needs, here are our the things you are to expect when you sign up for our pool resurfacing services.

1. Professional Level Solutions

With Central OC Pools, you can get professional quality services for your pool. We’ve been in this industry for almost two decades working on both commercial and residential pools although backyard pools have a special place in our hearts taking our professionalism and our industry-leading service to your own backyard. Our experience has helped us provide the level of service we’re known for today. On that note, you can be sure that the kind of service you’re getting, whether you’ve signed up for our weekly pool cleanings or our specialized maintenance solutions, is truly top-tier. We are backed by professional individuals who are not only eager to share expert advice about your pool but can also provide solutions and services befitting of your private pond. Whether it’s an opulent pool designed for zen and solace or a backyard resort filled with features to make swimming fun and entertaining for your kids, we, at Central OC Pools have got you covered.

The team behind Central OC Pools are individuals that are bonded, licensed, and insured. You can expect that the level of workmanship our team has to offer is the best. From pool plaster application to concrete masonry construction, you can trust that the level of proficiency in our work is never compromised. Our team gets the job done and our team gets it right the first time.

2. The Best Means and Methodology

Central OC Pools use a combination of time-tested methods and modern machinery to make sure that our resurfacing services exceed your standards. We know that the key to a lasting pool interior is in adhesion. Pool plaster, pool pebble, and pool tiles that are properly installed will have better structural integrity. Because the pool interior is fastened and fixed in the concrete, the likelihood of the plaster peeling off, the pool pebble flaking away, and the tiles falling off of place is significantly reduced. To ensure proper adhesion, we will use either the chip out method or the hydro blast method to remove the old surface.

As the name implies, the chip out method involves manually chipping out the pool interior. This is done with either the use of power tools like jackhammers and basic hand tools like a hammer and a chisel. This allows us to scrape off a majority of the old finish and expose a lot of the concrete underneath. On the other hand, for pools that do not require too much concrete exposure, we use the hydro blast method. This is achieved by using a pressure washer to remove a thin layer of the surface and expose just the right amount of concrete. Your choice of pool interior is then applied using pneumatic tools to apply them evenly and is later finished using a trowel. This is done so we can compress the material and inverse adhesion. Regardless of the type of resurfacing procedure your pool needs, Central OC Pools can deliver.

3. We Source the Best Materials

Central OC Pools use only the best materials in pool resurfacing. We use products from NPT, like their mini pebble, that are of the same beauty and quality as more expensive products like pebbletec. We’re famous for our pool pebble projects that have a lighter shade like aqua white which gives your pool a brighter and lighter finish. We’ve found that it complements the water better and since pebbles are tougher than the average plaster, you’re not to worry about stains and smears in your poll interior. For our customers that want to give their interiors an extra shine and sparkle, we can add glass in the mini pebble at a nominal cost.

Huntington best pool materials

The use of quality materials allows our projects to boast the aesthetic quality and durability that your pool deserves. This, paired with our tried and tested means of resurfacing your pool makes for the perfect recipe for a lasting pool interior.

We, at Central OC Pools, are experts in resurfacing pools. For all your resurfacing and remodeling needs, contact us and we’ll be more than happy to discuss your options even before we talk about getting a quote. We genuinely love what we do and our team shares a true passion to give the best pool service possible. We’re excited to service your pools and give you the service you deserve.

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