Hiring pool professionals is one thing, hiring the best pool guys who offer the best Anaheim pool cleaning is another. In this article, we’ll talk about how you can potentially land the best pool contractor to keep your Anaheim swimming pool clean. Here are 10 tips to help you pick the right pool contractor. Let’s begin!

1. Browse Local Pool Contractor Websites.

Get on your browser and find pool contractors near you and check their websites. Make a list of the nearest pool professionals that offer pool cleaning services. It’s best to include ones that appear on the first page of Google. Also, include pool contractors that have a lot of information on their website as this is indicative that they know what they’re doing.

2. Look for a Licensed Pool Contractor.

While you’re at it, browse the contractor’s website for a license number. It’s usually displayed on pages where you’re most likely to see it, like the home page or the footer of each page. Take the license number and check with the Department of Consumer Affairs Contractors State License Board website and check if it’s current and valid.

3. Ask for Referrals.

Talk to friends and families about their recent experience with their pool contractor or if they know someone who might have recently had their swimming pool cleaned and serviced. Asking referrals from close friends and relatives is better than asking referrals from the contractors themselves.

4. Get it in Paper.

Say you’ve already talked to a pool contractor and you’ve been given a quote and a list of the things included in the service they offer. It’s best to ask if they can put it in paper or if you can get that in writing that you can refer to. This should help you understand and check if any of their promises were met during the time they were pitching their service.

5. Take Your Time.

Don’t be in a rush. You’ll find that you will regret paying for a service you’re not satisfied with so make sure to take your time in choosing the right people for the job. You wouldn’t trust a novice to work on your pool right?

6. Look for an Experienced Contractor.

Check how long they’ve been in the business. It’s important to know how long they’ve been offering service as it’s a tell tale sign of how good a company is. It takes compelling service to stay in business so put those established pool professionals on the top of your list.

7. Check Customer Feedback.

Another way to find out how well or how bad a contractor does business is by checking their customer’s feedback. You’ll be surprised at how fank people can be when they are happy or otherwise about their experience with a pool professional. Take note of pool companies that have positive reviews and steer away from those that have negative ones.

8. Check for Company Portfolio.

You can also check the company’s portfolio. It’s usually a page where they will have the before and after pictures of pools they have serviced including the ones they have cleaned, resurfaced, and remodeled. Check the pictures out and see if any of them match your taste and if the way the pools in the pictures are cleaned are the way you envision your pool after they’ve worked on it.

9. Get a Quote.

Call the pool contractor or send them an email via the webform so you can get a quote for the Anaheim pool cleaning service they offer. Call every pool contractor on your list and get a quote from each.

10. Compare the Competition.

With relevant data on your list, you’ll be able to compare how much their services cost and how well they look like they can clean your pool. From here, you can make an informed decision that can help you land the best swimming pool contractor to help you maintain your swimming pool.

Why Finding The Right Contractor is Important?

Pool cleaning might sound simple and easy at first, but it requires skills and know-how which is why many pool owners decide to hire professional pool guys to help them out.

Here are some of the steps involved in pool cleaning and why it’s best to let the pros handle it.

First, a pool needs to be skimmed clean. This is done by scooping up floating debris on the water’s surface so it doesn’t sink below where it would be harder to get out. This is usually followed by cleaning the skimmer of collected debris which could be anything from dried leaves and twigs to dead bugs. Next, the walls and the floor of the pool will be brushed clean. At the same time the waterline tiles and the steps will also be brushed to remove any dirt and stain. When the dust settles, the pool’s floor will be vacuumed clean leaving a clean pool. Finally, the service is completed by testing the pool water and adjusting the balance as necessary.

That said, you don’t want an inexperienced pool professional to clean your swimming pool, let alone adjust the water’s chemistry for you. It’s important to have a trusted pool professional keep the pool water’s balance as it can spell the difference between a clean and inviting pool over one that looks like it came from a horror movie.

Central OC Pools Anaheim Pool Cleaning

Pool professionals like us, at Central OC Pools, will also check the pool equipment for proper function and operation. We will also inspect the overall integrity of your swimming pool and coping as well as the deck – the immediate area surrounding it. Ours is a holistic approach to pool cleaning and is one of the reasons why many pool owners trust only us to touch their pools.

We’ve been in this business since 2012 and since we’ve opened up shop, our goal is to provide the best swimming pool service – Anaheim pool cleaning included. We’re proud of our five-star rating and all the positive feedback we get from our customers because that only means that we’ve been successful as pool professionals. We genuinely love what we do and we believe that it is one of our best kept secrets why we’ve stayed in this business for so long. We’re truly passionate about what we do and that’s why we deliver the best swimming pool services in Anaheim.

On top of that, we’re backed by licensed, bonded, and insured professionals with years of practical experience under their belts. They’ve worked on different swimming pools through the years and that’s why they are more than capable to service yours. While pool cleaning is definitely not rocket science, it takes years of practice to do it effectively and efficiently to keep you from having to resurface your pool, repair your pool equipment, and hire contractors for green to clean projects. A clean pool will prevent a slew of issues from stains, scaling, corroded pool equipment and even algae bloom.

Nobody knows swimming pools like we do, contact Central OC Pools today and find out how our services compare and how we can help you maintain your poo