Pool service is an important part of maintaining your pool. That said, it’s only befitting that you invest in a good quality Garden Grove pool service as it will be one of the key elements in having you enjoy your swimming pool for years to come. In this article, we’ll talk about some of the things you should consider when looking for the right pool professional.

But first, let’s talk about what exactly is pool service.

Pool services are solutions offered by pool contractors that are designed and engineered to help pool owners like you, maintain or renovate your pool. These services can range from small solutions like weekly cleaning services to large-scale projects like pool remodeling and pool resurfacing. Because it involves such a broad spectrum of tasks and undertakings, it’s important to have someone you can trust work on your pool.

Finding the Best Garden Grove Pool Service

It’s true that you’d have to put in a little effort to find the best pros in the local pool market, after all, everyone’s always saying they’re the best. To help you find the right people for the job, we’ve curated a list of what to look for when finding a pool contractor. Let’s begin.

1. Find a Licensed Professional

As we’ve briefly covered above, it’s not uncommon to have a pool contractor tell you they’re the best. Likewise, it’s quite odd to find someone telling you they are second best. To help prove at least some authenticity to their claim, have them show you a license (or a license number at least).

In the state of California, a licensed pool contractor is required to have at least 4 years of conducting or supervising pool services and other jobs necessitating skills and trades related to pool services. Furthermore, a licensed pool professional would have gone through a series of tests specifically tailored to assess and evaluate one’s aptitude in servicing pools. These include pool services planning and estimation, swimming pool construction, swimming pool equipment installation, swimming pool features, swimming pool interior finishing, as well as the repair, renovation, and rehabilitation of various kinds of commercial and residential pools.

Get their license number and validate the information by going to the Department of Consumer Affairs Contractor State License Board and check if it’s legitimate and if it’s current.

2. Check for Years in Business

While licensure and accreditation is important, experience still matters. Check out pool contractors that have been in the business the longest. They will most likely have the skills and the know-how to provide your pool the service it deserves. The fact that they’ve been in the business for years means that customers keep coming back, either because of how well they carry out the service they offer or how well their actual customer service is.

A pool company with years of experience will also, most likely, be backed by professionals who likewise have years of experience under their belts. Who better to carry out pool services than professionals who’ve practiced their trade for years?

3. Check for Customer Feedback

Get into the habit of checking customer feedback. Whether it’s the contractor’s website, their social media account, of their Yelp profile, make sure to check what their previous clients have to say. It’ll be like reading the writings on the wall so you better take note of ones that have positive reviews and steer clear of companies that have negative ones.

Reading customer feedback will also let you in on how the pool contractor does business as most consumers won’t hold back putting in writing how well or how bad their experience with the pool contractor is. In some cases, you may even find a customer review that had the same reasons or hiring a pool service as you allowing you to potentially work out how the pool contractor would handle your request.

4. Check the company portfolio

Another way to help you make a better decision when hiring a pool professional to service your pool is to check the company’s portfolio. It’s where they upload before and after pictures of finished projects like green to clean pool services, pool cleaning, pool resurfacing, and pool remodeling. It would be a good way of getting a feel about the services they provide.

5. Compare the companies

Make a list and compare different pool professionals using the aforementioned tips we’ve talked about. Feel free to add and even create your own matrix. Nevertheless, the idea is to compare different pool professionals so you can find the best one that suits your needs. Pick at least three pool contractors in your area and don’t be afraid to compare the competition.

While you’re at it, give each company a call and ask for a quote. You might be surprised at the differences in how each company’s rates are. From here, you can decide whether to go with a company that offers the services you need and one that fits in your budget.

Central OC Pools Pool Services

If you’re still having a hard time finding a pool company to service your Garden Grove pool, come check us out at Central OC Pools. We offer professional quality swimming pool services to help you with your pool. We do everything from weekly cleaning solutions to major pool projects like pool resurfacing and pool remodeling. We’re backed by a team of pool professionals who are licensed, bonded, and insured allowing us to ensure top-tier pool service. Moreover, we’ve been in this business for almost two decades now so we can say that we know exactly what we’re doing. Contact us today and find out how our services can help you with your pool. With almost two decades of providing our customers with the best Garden Grove pool service, we’ve managed to develop and harness the skills and the know-how needed for almost any service your pool needs.

So, if you want the best for your pool, make sure to contact Garden Grove’s finest.