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The Best Costa Mesa Pool Remodeling and Plastering Services

Costa Mesa pool remodeling and plastering

Costa Mesa is known as the center of sophistication in all of Orange County. Seated between San Diego and Los Angeles, Costa Mesa has become the hotspot of vibrant art scenes, a place for foodies, and a prime shopping location. Apart from its luxurious feasts and exorbitant trinkets, Costa Mesa offers relatively opulent pools. It’s only befitting that these pools are carefully maintained as they are often the place of parties for the rich and for the famous. However, because of its semi-arid climate, swimming pools in Costa Mesa are prone to algae development as small organisms like bacteria thrive in warm water. That said, pool owners in Costa Mesa invest in pool cleaning and other pool services to keep their swimming pool in its best condition.

Apart from pool maintenance, swimming pool remodeling is one of the most common services pool owners in Costa Mesa sign up for – we at Central OC Pools are experts in swimming pool remodeling.

Costa Mesa, California

Because of its hot and arid weather, many residents in the Costa Mesa area opt to have a swimming pool built in their backyard. However, the weather itself can be punishing for your Cosa Mesa pool. While Costa Mesa’s warm climate makes for the perfect backdrop for your private piscina, its wet winters can facilitate an increase in the atmospheric contaminants. Furthermore, in some cases, the weather in Costa Mesa can change on a daily basis. These changes can increase and speed-up deterioration of your private pool causing the inflation of pathogenic growth and structural damage like leakage, breaking of plaster, staining, and other issues that wear your swimming pool infrastructure down.

When you need help in swimming pool remodeling, make sure to talk to the experts, talk to us at Central OC Pools.

Pool Remodeling at Costa Mesa

Costa Mesa swimming pools are made to show just how lavish pool life is. They’re often outfitted with lush decorations like custom waterfalls, fountains, custom LED lights, pebbles, tiles, custom kitchens, copious patios and gazebos, as well as elegant fireplaces – the stuff swimming pool dreams are made of. The demands of swimming pool owners in this location are high as they are often the place of rest, relaxation, and Zen. It’s where the rich spend their days resting when they’re not out there grinding.

Here are some design ideas you can use when remodeling your Costa Mesa swimming pool.

1. Infinity Pools

Infinity Pools are amongst the best and most popular swimming pool designs in Costa Mesa. They make for a unique illusion that you are one with the horizon. Pool owners relish the feeling of being one with the landscape, a panoramic vista of floating in the sky. An Instagrammable moment to be captured by the living lens of one’s eye. Infinity pools are the epitome of luxury in a place of relevant extravagance that is the city of Costa Mesa.

Costa Mesa infinity pool

A pool this beautiful requires professional pool cleaning and pool servicing. You can trust on Central OC Pools to make sure your Costa Mesa infinity pool gets the professional treatment it deserves.

2. Architectural Pools

Because houses in Costa Mesa are often rich and regal, the pools built within the backyard of these fancy homes are comparatively impressive. Architectural pools are another design element we often see in the homes of pool owners in this location.

Costa Mesa architectural pool

Architectural swimming pools are often the mirror of the home it’s built adjacent with. It reflects the design elements found in the exterior of the house it accompanies. You can see matching lines and aesthetic language that is added to the swimming pool either to complement the house of the pool owner or to accentuate the design cues found bestrewn around the house.

Owners of architectural pools spend money on pool plastering because they know that a healthy plaster makes a healthy swimming pool. Whether you own an architectural pool or a simple residential swimming pool, we at Central OC Pools can help you with your swimming pool plastering needs.

3. Custom-Built Swimming Pools

Known as the “City of the Arts,” Costa Mesa is also home to custom-built swimming pools.

Costa Mesa custom built pool

Artistic swimming pool designs often reflect the personality of the pool owner that gives the custom-built swimming pool its own character. These designs range from anything like violin-shaped swimming pools for the musically-inclined pool owner or swimming pool floors that look more like murals for pool owners that are also painters – the possibilities are endless.

Central OC Pools Pool Remodeling Services

Now that you have an idea about some of the best swimming pool remodeling designs in this area, you might wonder how can you go about bringing your outdated pool back to its former glory? Or even better, giving it a major facelift!

We at Central OC Pools offer superior swimming pool remodeling services – bar none!

Here’s what we do.

  • Masonry Repair
  • Concrete Masonry Construction
  • Driveway Construction
  • Pool Coping
  • Deck Installation
  • Lighting Repair
  • Pool Remodeling & Renovation
  • Water Features Installation & Repair
  • Retaining Wall Construction
  • Concrete Paving
  • Custom Design
  • Indoor Pool Installation
  • Lighting Installation
  • Pool Repair
  • Tile Services
  • Stamped Concrete Installation

We offer swimming pool repair, swimming pool remodeling, and swimming pool construction. Our services encompass all you’ll ever need to spruce up your aquatic haven. Don’t hesitate to talk to us about the design concepts and ideas you want implemented in your private pool. We’ll help you come up with an idea that falls within the requirements of your local building and city codes. We’ll also handle the paperwork for your chosen design.

We know that building a private pool is serious business and that no one wants to make an expensive mistake. That’s why pool professionals like OC Central Pools are here to make your private pool a reality and do it right the first time. We provide you a detailed draft of your prospective layout allowing you to make the necessary changes even before the project begins. Furthermore, you can opt to see a virtual reality rendering of the actual plan so you can see how it looks like in your own backyard!

We stay on top of the project from start to finish and install everything from steel framework to pool plumbing, electrical components, and pool equipment. We also provide tile and coping installation and use some of the best materials available on the market today. We also provide decking services and offer a variety of materials that will not only beautify your swimming pool but will also make it last longer. Central OC Pools will provide you and your swimming pool with a holistic service, that’s why we’ve been in this business for years! Be a part of our growing family and enjoy your new, beautiful remodeled swimming pool.

Ours is an experienced team of professionals with the right know-how backed up with the specific tools and equipment needed to get the job done. Just like what we did with our Anaheim Pool Remodeling and our Anaheim Pool Plastering projects, your Costa Mesa private pool will be the perfect getaway right outside your doorstep. Give your aquatic escape that bespoke Costa Mesa pool service through Central OC Pools today!

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I’ve known Mike a few years back when he repaired my pool equipment in Orange Park Acres, so I knew I had to get him to work with my property in Costa Mesa. Since it wasn’t exactly my first time to dance with his company, I knew exactly the quality of service I was going to get.

I had a leaking pool so he helped me with resurfacing it. We decided to use pebbles to make the pool interior last longer with minimal maintenance. The guy knows a lot about what he does. I’d recommend Central OC Pools to my friends who want the best pool repair services from professionals who are licensed, bonded, and insured. I wouldn’t trust anyone except Mike and his team to work on my pools.

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