For many property owners owning a swimming pool means they get to enjoy life’s simple pleasures. From having a place to entertain guests during the weekend to having their own slice of heaven the moment they step outside their backyard. We at Central OC Pools know just how important your private oasis is for you. We provide tailored swimming pool solutions so you can maintain your piece of aquatic haven and prolong the lifespan of your investment at the same time. Ours is the pool service your swimming pool deserves!

We know swimming pools aren’t cheap and that proper pool maintenance is key to preserving the overall structural integrity and aesthetic value of your pool. We pride ourselves in giving our best in every project and we strive every day to live up to the promise of providing the best customer service possible. That’s how we managed to stay relevant with decades under our belt and we aim to keep it that way. We see ourselves as one of the best the industry has to offer and we’ve got the experience to back us up.

Why Central OC Pools is the Best

We at Central OC Pools stand by our promise in providing you the best with our professional-quality services. We offer free estimates so you can find out how much it would take to have your swimming pool serviced, equipment repaired, or even completely remodeled (new pool plaster/pebble, pool waterline tile, pool coping, pool decking, etc.). We’re all about making informed decisions and we do our best to make sure to provide you with all the details you need before you give any project a “go.” We’re here to entertain your questions, so don’t be afraid to ask. The more you know and the more you understand your swimming pool’s condition, the better you can make decisions to protect your investment.

We take pride in our trusted, licensed, and certified industry professionals that ensure work is done efficiently and effectively. We know that time is important, so we make sure we won’t waste yours. We get the job done right the first-time following schedules and programs. We set proper and realistic expectations depending on how big the undertaking is and how much work is needed to complete the project so you’ll have a clear idea of your project’s turnaround time.

Most importantly, while other swimming pool companies look at clients and customers as numbers, we at Central OC Pools look at you like family. Your business means a lot to us and the impression we leave after every project is finished is what’s more important. We’ve been working on swimming pools our entire lives that we just can’t see ourselves doing anything else than our calling. We genuinely love what we do and it’s what keeps us going, on the daily. We’ve earned the trust of our customers as well as their friendship, and for swimming pool professionals like us, it’s what fuels our passion for providing our best service.

That said, we’re the best at what we do because of you.

Pool Services We Offer

Here are just some of the services we offer at Central OC Pools.

Weekly Pool Cleanings

weekly pool cleaning service

In order to properly maintain your swimming pool, it has to be checked on a weekly basis. This allows us to monitor the overall quality of the water and of the infrastructure allowing us to make necessary adjustments to prevent issues that would cost more to address. As the age-old adage goes, “An ounce of prevention is better than cure.” Weekly pool services are cheaper compared to repairs and renovations. Below are the services you can expect if you sign up for our comprehensive weekly pool cleaning solutions.

1. Perform a water chemical balance test and adjustment

Arguably the most crucial part of the weekly cleaning service, maintaining the chemical balance of the pool water will not only keep the water clean but also the infrastructure holding it in relatively good condition. Performing chemical balance tests are one of the first things we do on our Tustin pool service as well as our Santa Ana pool service.

Swimming pools aren’t exactly the same as streams of running water. The water sitting on the pool is stagnant and therefore can quickly become unhealthy if not given adequate attention and care. Several chemicals are added into the pool water that gives it the ideal chemistry keeping the water clean and healthy. By checking on the quality of the water weekly, we can help you keep unwanted and unwelcome microorganisms and bacteria like algae at bay. By checking the pool water chemistry, we can also address issues caused by uncontrollable factors like rain and hot weather that throws the chemical balance in the pool water off. Unstable pool water may cause minor damage to the pool’s structure that’s why it’s important that the water be checked and the chemicals are adjusted accordingly.

2. Empty the skimmer and pump baskets

Part of what we do in our weekly cleaning services is to remove any debris that might get trapped in the skimmer and pump baskets. Clogged baskets may damage your swimming pool pumps as the obstruction will cause the pump to work harder when it cycles the swimming pool water. This will harm the seals in the pump and may decrease the lifespan of your equipment significantly. Moreover, you can’t expect the water to be clean when the skimmers and the pump baskets are filled with floating debris as this virtually impedes the filtration of the water because the swimming pool pump cannot achieve the proper turnover rate it needs to filter the swimming pool water.

Emptying the catch baskets of dirt and debris on a weekly basis not only promotes better filtration and pump performance but will also avoid unnecessary repairs in the future. Paying close attention to these details helped our Costa Mesa pool service and Anaheim pool service customers maintain the longevity of their swimming pool pumps.

And, speaking of pumps.

3. Confirm proper operation of the pool equipment

While we clean the swimming pool fixtures, we also check and confirm the proper operation of swimming pool equipment. By routinely checking swimming pool equipment like swimming pool control and automation systems as well as the mechanical and electrical components of your equipment, we can assess and determine the overall quality and capability of your swimming pool system. We will check if any of these instruments are working properly and will advise you of any necessary parts and components that need to be repaired or replaced.

When a part of your equipment system does not work properly, it affects the entirety of the pool equipment system as a whole and its capability to run and operate at its full potential. Moreover, it can cause a domino effect that will cause the other parts to weaken due to the stress they experience by working harder than necessary. By checking the health of your swimming pool equipment, we can prevent unnecessary breakage in the future. We see to it that we always check the swimming pool equipment of our Garden Grove pool service and Fountain Valley pool service clients, especially those that use old and outdated equipment.

4. Check the swimming pool and spa lights

Swimming pool lights are important especially because they allow you to see in the pool during night time and acts more as a safety feature rather than an aesthetic feature for your swimming pool.

We do check the proper lighting of private pools especially those that have children and elderly living with them in the household. It will be easier to spot if anyone needs help in the pool if your lights are working properly. Likewise, guests who want to take a dip during the night who are not familiar with the depth and breadth of your swimming pool will clearly see what they’re in for before they take the plunge. Furthermore, by checking the quality and the state of the lights, we can help prevent electrical shock in the pool water. Because the lights are submerged underwater, there will always be the risk of electrical shock. Checking the lights and making sure they are in good condition is something we inspect during our weekly swimming pool services.

We keep a close eye on these things and we make sure our Huntington pool service and Orange pool service clients are out of harm’s way. Many of our customers feel safer knowing that these lights are checked weekly.

5. Net and vacuum the pool

Simple as it may sound, netting and vacuuming the swimming pool plays an important role in keeping the water clean and healthy. If left unattended, your swimming pool can accumulate a significant amount of dirt and debris from leaves, twigs, dead bugs, and even trash. Wind can blow them into the pool water but it won’t blow them out of it. That being said, whatever lands on the water will eventually sink. If you’re not keen on cleaning floating debris they can decompose when they sink under the water and they can make the water dirty and throw off its chemistry.

So, it’s important that the pool water is cleaned by skimming the surface cleaning dirt above the water as well as using a vacuum to suck up what’s underneath. It’s something we always do especially to outdoor in-ground pools when we conduct Villa Park pool service and Orange Park Acres pool service. They tend to accumulate more dirt and debris because they are in an open area.

6. Review the integrity of the pool surface, deck, and coping

Just as how the water is checked and tested, we also review the integrity of the structure of the swimming pool surface as well as the deck and coping. This includes the pool pebble, pool tile, pool coping, and pool decking. By running through these fixtures, we can check for cracks and fissures whether they’re just developing or if they’ve already manifested. This will be helpful in preventing accidents as broken tiles can cut skin as well as cause wounds. You wouldn’t want to have broken fixtures especially if you have kids in the household. We won’t let you run the risk of cutting or harming yourselves with broken pool tiles.

Another thing to note is that apparent marks, stains, as well as scaling on the pool wall can be an indication of bad water chemistry. That said, inspecting the physical structure of the swimming pool can help us understand what needs to be checked and what needs to be adjusted on your swimming pool. The surface, the deck, and the pool coping will show tell-tale signs of damage that we can see and spot. Our customers who take up our Westminster pool service are just one of the many swimming pool weekly services we provide where we pay careful attention to the extremities of the swimming pool area.

7. Brush the swimming pool walls and steps

Finally, to finish our weekly cleaning solutions, we carefully brush the pool walls and steps of the swimming pool we work on. This allows us to loosen any debris, scales, and even algae and similar microorganisms that may have lodged themselves in the walls of the swimming pool. Because we’re all about safety, we take extra caution in brushing the steps since it will prevent accidents that may cause swimming pool users to slip and fall onto the hard areas of the pool like the edges. This can be a problem so we won’t take any chances and brush these areas of the swimming pool weekly.

Also, by brushing the pool walls and the steps we can maintain the aesthetic value of the swimming pool as minor stains and smears can be removed by brushing. Who would want to look at a swimming pool with odd spots on the walls? We, at Central OC Pools, know that you want your pool to be inviting so we make sure to brush these areas during our weekly visits to your property.

Below are some of the bespoke pool maintenance services we provide here at Central OC Pools

Specialized Pool Maintenance

specialized pool maintenance

While our weekly pool cleaning services taps on more than just the basic necessities in maintaining your swimming pool, our specialized pool maintenance services allow us to provide an even better job of keeping your private swimming pool in optimum working condition. Our specialized pool maintenance solutions include services that allow you to improve overall water quality as well as maintenance of likewise specialized equipment and also purpose-built systems centered around comfort and convenience.

Here are just some of the unique maintenance service you can expect to receive when you sign up for Central OC Pools’s Specialized Pool Maintenance solutions.

1. Salt systems

Salt systems offer a unique means of treating your pool water. Saltwater systems are a step up from traditionally chlorinated pools in more ways than one. But first, let’s talk about a few facts about salt systems.

Salt systems don’t replace your pool water with seawater. The agent salt systems use in cleaning your swimming pool water is still chlorine. However, the level of chlorine used to disinfect the water is kept to controlled volumes.

Chlorine is produced via a salt-chlorine generator that produces high-quality chlorine which hunts bacteria and algae to keep the water clean.

Here at Central OC Pools, we see a surge of pool owners switching to, and are requesting for us, to convert their pools into saltwater pools via our salt systems. That’s because salt systems offer a slew of benefits amidst its seemingly high upfront cost. Those who have children and elderly living with them in the household forgo the use of traditionally chlorinated pools because conventional chlorinated pools require a pool owner to stock up and handle hazardous chemicals at home. Moreover, overexposure to swimming pools heavily treated with chlorine may pose potential health risks ranging from short-term effects like redness of the eyes, itching of the skin, and bleaching of the hair. It can also weaken the fabric of your swimwear. It may also pose potential long-term health risks from asthmatic attacks to increased cancer risks.

Also, because saltwater systems tend to produce only the necessary levels of chlorine, many pool owners enjoy desirable pool waters that do not reek of chemical smell. And because it leaves a smaller chemical footprint, the water can be cleaner while being safer to swim in. We pride ourselves in installing high-quality salt systems that can help you better maintain your investment. Moreover, we still perform independent readings aside from what the on-board reader offers as these readers may tend to give inaccurate readings as the seasons go by.

2. Pool construction

We at Central OC Pools offer swimming pool construction services that range from standard backyard pools to custom-built private piscinas. We’re here not only to maintain your backyard pool but we’re also here to build one for you. Moreover, if you already have an existing pool in your backyard, we can also install and build additional amenities on your swimming pool area including water features like waterfalls, pool railings, recycled fountains, Baja steps, and even adjoining swimming pool spas and entertainment swim-up bars.

More than being caretakers of your investment, we’re also capable builders that can make your swimming pool dreams into a reality.

Should you decide to start building your swimming pool with us, we can assure you that we’ll handle the necessary permits needed for your project and make sure that the details of the plans correspond and comply with your local state and country building rules and regulations. Plus, we also offer an optional feature where you can see a visual rendering of the finished project allowing you to see a digital representation of the remodeling or construction.

We are backed by licensed and certified craftsmen including electricians, builders, plumbers, and artisans that will help you with the latest swimming pool designs and concepts, laying out electrical, plumbing, as well as other equipment that are required to help you run your swimming pool smoothly. We at Central OC Pools will help you from conceptualization to completion.

3. Pump repair

Building and maintaining a swimming pool is one thing, repairing a pool is another. Here at Central OC Pools, you can trust that the same level of attention to detail we have in constructing your swimming pool as well as in providing you with weekly services, will be the same level of attention we will have when it comes to repairing your pool.

Central OC Pools swimming pool repair goes way beyond the physical structure of the pool and encompasses what meets the eye. That being said, we also provide specialized solutions for swimming pool pumps and restoring them so your pool system can work at its best condition. Swimming pool pumps are responsible for the circulation of water in the pool. In fact, the swimming pool pump acts as the main conduit for pulling water from the actual pool and pushing it through various filtering, sanitizing, as well as heating components of the pool system allowing you to achieve a holistic and convenient pool experience. Without the pump, nothing in the pool system works which is why many pool professionals like us at Central OC Pools see the pool pump as the most important piece of your equipment. Hence, we offer special repair services dedicated to maintaining the pump in great shape.

Our team has had extensive experience in working with various pumps installed on various pools that the knowledge we have earned from our experience as swimming pool professionals helped us with knowing how swimming pool pumps work and how they should be fixed. While other pool pros will tell you to buy a new pump right off the bat, we at Central OC Pools find ways of reviving the pump without having to compromise its performance and longevity.

4. Filter cleanings

Just like pool pumps, the filter also plays a vital role in how the entirety of the swimming pool operates. For obvious reasons, filters are there to keep the swimming pool water clean. We at Central OC Pools offer specialized filter cleanings to help your swimming pool equipment system run better. See, over time, these filters can get dirty and its ability to filter the pool water decreases if the filter itself reeks with dirt. That’s why we strongly suggest that the filter of your swimming pool system be cleaned properly. You can read a bunch of articles and user manuals or you can just leave it to the pros. Moreover, the dirt the filter collects increases if you use suntan lotion, deodorant, and other chemicals and may even reduce the overall lifespan of your filter by half. That said, it’s best to have swimming pool professionals like Central OC Pools check the health of the filter so you can be guided about when the filters should be replaced and if they need replacing. A clean filter not only helps the pool system work better but it also allows it to work longer.

5. Variable speed pumps

Alright, we know that we already said that we do clean swimming pool pumps, but then again, not all pumps are made equal. Some swimming pool pumps are made to be more advanced that they feature variable speeds and are capable of providing you with different features. While other swimming pool companies claim that they can clean and repair swimming pool pumps in general, some swimming pool pumps will require a different means and method in terms of how they are cleaned and are repaired.

Moreover, we also provide variable speed pump installation so you can improve your overall swimming pool functionality should you wish to upgrade your system.

6. Heater maintenance

Another special service we provide is the preservation of your swimming pool heater. This equipment requires more than just the regular brushing and scrubbing off dirt from the surface. We have qualified electricians who can service your swimming pool heaters and help maintain proper operation regardless of what type of heater you have even gas pool heaters. We will regularly inspect the heater and remove any buildup of debris in the burner intake ports as well as check for any signs of corrosion and fraying.

Swimming pool heaters are important especially because they allow you to maximize your investment and extend swimming pool seasons even when we hit colder months.

7. Automation system installs

We also install automation systems that allow you to operate your swimming pool from across the deck. Installing an automation system for your pool lets you make changes without having to visit the pad. With an automation system installed, you no longer have to walk to the place where the equipment is installed and flip every switch as you go around. We make owning a swimming pool convenient and comfortable and allowing you and your property to keep up with the times.

We at Central OC Pools provide more than just the average swimming pool maintenance services with our specialized pool maintenance solutions so make sure to show your pool some extra love and care by signing up for these programs.

Swimming Pool Repair

pool repair

Like almost any kind of investment, swimming pools also require some sort of maintenance. While you can maintain your swimming pool with your usual pool service and pool maintenance routines, some manifestations of wear and tear will require a more immediate and thorough approach. There are a lot of ways swimming pool owners and swimming pool professionals can repair a pool, it can be done through various means like patching up hairline cracks, to removing the entire swimming pool wall finish and applying a new one. However, nothing beats having to re-do your swimming pool which not only allows you to thoroughly search and inspect every nook and cranny in your aquatic haven, but also a means of breathing in new life to your pool.

We at Central OC Pools are experts in swimming pool remodeling and can help you update and renovate your old swimming pools.

Pool Remodeling

pool remodel

To know more how Central OC Pools can help you summon summer in style, specialty swimming pool remodeling services. We provide tailor-fit swimming pool remodeling services to make your dream pool a reality. We know that different pool owners will have different ideas to make their pool their own. Contact Central OC Pools so we can build your custom-made pool today!

Pool Plastering

pool plastering

We at Central OC Pools specialize in various pool plaster finishes. To find out more on how you can get pool plaster that’s simply built to last, check out our swimming pool plastering solutions. Your pool plaster is important not only because it creates a protective layer between the concrete and the water but also it adds to the aesthetic value of your aquatic retreat.