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The Best Anaheim Pool Remodeling and Plastering Services

Anaheim Pool Remodeling and Plastering Services

Home to the world-famous Disneyland Resort, the City of Anaheim is one of the top destinations Orange County has to offer. That said, homeowners in Anaheim often opt for houses with pools to entertain guests, families, and friends visiting the city. You’ll find different pools in Anaheim from the simple to the sophisticated. We at Central OC Pools provide top-notch solutions for your pools through our Anaheim Pool Services.

Our pool services range from pool cleaning and pool maintenance to renovation and restoration services like pool plaster, pool resurfacing, and pool remodel. For professional quality pool services, contact Central OC Pools today.

Anaheim, California

Not only is the city of Anaheim known for the Disneyland Resort, but it’s also known for its lavish and panoramic view of the Anaheim Canyon which makes a perfect backdrop for a backyard pool. To top it all off, Anaheim boasts a Subtropical Mediterranean climate that makes pool season possible almost all-year-round. We, at, Central OC Pools, can help you maintain your backyard pool through our Anaheim Pool Cleaning solutions.

For a city as populous as Anaheim, pool cleaning and pool maintenance is a must. Ideally, the more your pool is used, the more maintenance it requires. Our swimming pool services in Anaheim, like that of our Garden Grove Pool Services, are designed for all types of pools from those with pool plaster interiors as well as those that use pool tile and pool pebble. We also specialize in services that involve your pool coping and your pool decking. Ours is a holistic approach to swimming pool services and we’re proud to be the number one pool professionals in Anaheim.

Do you want to give your Anaheim pool the treatment it deserves? Here’s a sneak peek of what signing up for our pool cleaning services is like.

Meticulous Pool Cleaning

Any pool professional company can offer cleaning services, but only Central OC Pools has cleaning down to a science. Like our Anaheim Pool Remodeling and our Anaheim Pool Plastering, we take an organized approach to our pool cleaning services.

Anaheim pool cleaning

First, we start by skimming the surface of the pool water to remove floating dirt and debris. It’s important to have them removed before they sink down the pool floor as the chemicals in the pool water can help dead leaves, dried twigs, and dead bugs decompose faster, affecting the quality of the pool water. Once we’ve cleared the surface of floating debris, we’ll proceed to brush the pool walls and steps to help knock dirt and mineral buildups out of place. It’s important that the pool is swept thoroughly. A quick pass might not be enough to help remove microorganisms that made its way to the pores of your pool plaster, the crevices of the pool pebble, and even your pool tile. A systematic brushing of the pool helps rid the finish of algae which helps keep your pool clean and algae free. We’ll finish cleaning the actual pool by vacuuming the pool floor cleaning it of dirt under the pool floor.

A Healthy Pool System

One of the focal points of our pool services is your pool equipment. The system you use, including the pool pump and the filters, play an important role in keeping your pool at its best shape. Our pool cleaning services include confirming the proper operation of your pool equipment. However, unlike other pool companies, ours start by emptying the skimmer and the pump baskets.

Anaheim pool system


Your pool equipment runs smoother with better water circulation. Congestion in the skimmers and in the main drains can cause your pool pump to work harder and contributes to the stress your pool pump is subjected to. Wear and tear can cause some of your pool pump’s components to fail and break down and when your pool pump stops working, nothing else does.

We make sure that the skimmers and the pump baskets are empty to ensure proper water flow. We’ll visit the equipment pad and check that the pool equipment runs in its best condition. Don’t worry, we’ll keep you in the loop. We’ll let you know if parts of your equipment need repair or replacement and know that we’ll always have your best interest in mind.

Checking Proper Pool Integrity

Just like how we check the equipment pad, we’ll also inspect the actual pool structure. We’ll check the surface, the coping, and the pool deck. Things that we look out for are hairline cracks on the pool’s surface and steps, breaks and breaches in the tiles, and the manifestation of damage and dilapidation in the pool structure. While most of these can be addressed by patching solutions, some compelling issues will call for services like pool resurfacing. Our team will keep you informed and will help you understand which part of your pool needs repair.

We’ve been in this business for nearly two decades and we’re backed by a team of expert individuals that have a keen eye for spotting and assessing your pool’s structural integrity. We’ve been working on pools for as long as we can remember and we know that addressing these issues can help you save money on major pool projects in the future.

Apart from checking the pool’s structure, our team will also help you check the lights in your pool and your spa.

Professional Quality Chemical Testing

Lastly, our weekly pool cleaning services include performing water chemical testing and providing necessary adjustments to your pool water. Making sure your pool water has proper chemical balance is the key not only to maintaining the pool water clean but also preserving the structural integrity of your pool.

Anaheim chemical testing

We’ve seen pools with poor chemical management that resulted in the corrosion of handrails and other components in your pool equipment. Improper pool water chemistry can also lead to damage to your filter cartridges, grids, calcium crystal deposits, and scaling. It can also harm swimmers as it can cause eye irritation, skin irritation, and may harm the fabrics of your swimsuits and even change the color of your hair.

We’ll make sure that your pool water is professionally tested and adjusted so you won’t have to deal with these problems in the future. Our expert professionals are adept in proper pool water chemistry and can help ensure that your pool water is always at its best. Nothing beats a pool with water so inviting and refreshing. Let’s make it happen, sign up for our weekly cleaning services today!

More Pool Services

We ay Central OC Pools do more than just cleaning. We offer specialized maintenance solutions for pool owners with specific needs. We provide installation and maintenance services for saltwater pools, pool filter cleanings, variable speed pump installation and repair, pool heater installation and repair, and automation systems installation.

We’re your one-stop-shop for everything that’s related to swimming pools. Central OC Pools offer the best services, from bringing old and outdated pools back to their former glory to maintaining your pool’s aesthetic appeal and beauty, building and remodeling pools are our specialties. Our services are carried out by pool professionals that have been working on swimming pools daily. Practicing and perfecting their craft, we’re convinced that they’re the best the industry has to offer. Contact us today and find out how we can help turn your backyard into an aquatic resort.

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